Vera Mazhuga

Python (Django) Developer

Vera Mazhuga

I'm a Python (Django) developer, I live in Bogota. I have experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery). I have a master's degree in Applied Mathematics and I like to face new challenges and find solutions. I love hanging out with my bike, playing badminton, reading books and sometimes write a little. :)
I speak Russian, Spanish and English.

Bogotá, Colombia

M.Sc. Applied Mathematics

python ❤ django ❤ javascript ❤ jquery ❤ git ❤ mercurial ❤ postgresql ❤ linux ❤ reading ❤ math ❤ applied mathematics ❤ artificial intelligence ❤ bike ❤ badminton ❤ español

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Back-end Web Developer

November 2013 – Present. Bogotá, Colombia
Python, Django, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery

– Backend developer at Social Airways
– Backend developer at Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogotá
– Writing tecnical posts at AxiaCore's blog (in Spanish:

Python Developer

April 2013 – October 2013. Bogotá, Colombia
Python (Django), ExtJS, Revit C# API

– Use C# to build plugins for Autodesk Revit.
– Build simple user interfaces for the plugins.
– Development and support of the webpage. (Django, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap)

Python (Django) Developer

November 2011 – April 2013. Moscow, Russian Federation
The RBC Group operates on the mass media (an information agency, business television channel RBC TV, online newspapers, and marketing communications) and IT (RBC SOFT) markets.

– Development and maintenance of websites and internet services.
– Development and maintenance of the auxiliary systems inside the company.
– Maintenance, development of manuals and documentation of developed programs.

– Development of the project Business Style RBC
– Development of the project Press Center RBC
– Development of a special project for the Olympic Games 2012:
– Development of a special project for the Euro2012 Championship:
– I've participated in development of backoffice for project.
– Development of a synchronization service of bookmarks for a web browser (server side part). Business Browser:
– Development of a website offering the subscription service to the websites of RBC News:
– Development of a news portal for Beeline Telecommunications Company:
– Development of the interface for editors of RBC TV. The program brings news and shows interface with possibility of filtering, searching and adding to favorites.
– Development of an internal hosting service for projects that use Mercurial version control system.

Software Developer (freelance work)

Dybbuk CG
April 2010 – October 2011
Maya C/C++ API, Python, MEL scripting, Maya standalone application/plugin programming

– Scripting both Python and MEL
– API/library development in C++ and Python, which used by other software engineers and technical directors
– Stand-alone software, pipeline, tool and plug-in development
– Creating custom widgets for proprietary applications
– Node based application development (i.e., Dependency Graph, Hypershade, Hypergraph in Maya)